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Top 10 Fireworks Displays - Different Categories

1. Best Daytime Fireworks
    An American Celebration at Mount Vernon - Mount Vernon, Virginia

2. Most Patriotic Event
    A Capitol Fourth - Washington, D.C.

3. Most Exotic Location
    Ala Moana Center 4th of July - Honolulu, Hawaii

4. Most Historical Fun
    Salem Celebrates the 4th of July - Salem, Massachusetts

5. Best Media integration for fireworks
    Fantastic 4th Celebration - Stone Mountain Park, Atlanta, Georgia

6. Most Military Pride
    Battleship Blast - Wilmington, North Carolina

7. Best Family Destination
    Symetra Bellevue Family 4th - Bellevue, Washington

8. Most Amazing turnout of People
    July 4th Fireworks - Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

9. Nation’s Largest Display
    Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks - New York City

10. Best Small Town Display
    Biggest Little Fourth in the North - Barton City, Michigan

If you are in or near any of these Cities, be sure to visit their 4th of July fireworks this year.

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