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Gutter and Downspout Information
     The main purpose of your home's rain gutter is to protect your home's foundation by channeling water away from its base. Your home's rain gutter is an eaves trough and channel system, which collects and diverts rainwater from your roof and sends it down your downspout. Rain gutters and downspouts can be constructed from a variety of materials, including galvanized steel, copper, aluminum, and even wood.

All gutter guards do stop large leaves from entering your gutters. Small organic debris does enter the gutter system and can be flushed out with a simple garden hose. Gutter covers and filter systems do help to keep the tree leaves from clogging your gutters and causing water to cascade off of your roof and doing damage to your foundation.

Cleaning of your rain gutter and downspout is very important and any leaf blockage should be removed. If you are tired of cleaning and removing leaves every fall season consider installation of a good gutter cover and filter system for your home. Get estimates from several gutter installers.

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