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Hearing Aid Info. Which hearing aid is best ?
    There are two areas to look at when picking out hearing aids: body style and circuitry. With hearing aids, you may choose a smaller sized aid for cosmetic reasons but a high tech circuit to address complex listening needs.

    Circuitry can be generally broken down into three broad categories: conventional, computer programmable and digital.

    Conventional circuitry is set by the manufacturer to provide a particular amount of amplification based on your hearing test. It may have a small amount of room to adjust the response up or down, but it is fairly rigid and not very flexible in fine-tuning. This is going to be a more "base model" hearing aid.

    Computer programmable circuitry is usually much more flexible because it is not preset by the manufacturer. The amplification can be adjusted in the office by connecting the hearing aid to a computer. This allows for more fine-tuning and less time sending the hearing aid back to the manufacturer for adjustments. It also may allow for multiple programs, which can be helpful for people who find themselves in varying listening environments.

    Digital circuits are the latest in hearing aid technology, although they have been around for years. These are the most flexible circuits and provide the best sound quality. Digital hearing aids are described by most hearing aid wearers as the most "natural sounding" hearing aids because they have very low distortion levels and can be extremely precise in dealing with the specific needs of an individual's hearing loss.

    No matter what type of hearing loss you have, an audiologists can help you decide which hearing aids are right for you. If hearing problems are causing you frustration or embarrassment, don't put it off. Call today for a consultation!

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