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Deiter Bros.
provides Fuel Oil, Heating Oil, Propane, Heating, Air Conditioning, HVAC Services, and Indoor Comfort Products to the Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and Lehigh Valley area.
Residential, Commercial, Industrial

1226 Stefko Blvd.,Bethlehem - Lehigh Valley
(610) 868-8566     1-800-DEITER-1

Peace of Mind Since 1929 • Family Owned and Operated

Heating and Air Conditioning
Commercial Refrigeration • Residential • Commercial Service

Spring & Fall Inspection • Preventive Maintenance
24 Hr. Service
(610) 266-6178 - Ans. Service

We are here serving the Lehigh Valley Office - (610) 261-2640

HVAC Services - Fuel • Heating • AIR Conditioning
Residential • Commercial

116 River St., PO Box 1037, Bethlehem, PA.
Phone: 610-691-1212     Fax: 610-974-8290

Szilagyi Fuel Co. Inc.
Home Cooling Experts     "A Company For All Seasons"
Family Owned & Operated Since 1936

1414 E. 4th St., Bethlehem, PA.     610 866-3751

Air Conditioning Tips • Keep windows and doors closed when your cooling system is on.
• Replace or clean the air filter as needed, generally every thirty days during heavy cooling periods.
• Have your unit serviced annually.

Energy Saving Tips

HVAC system (Furnace, Boiler, A/C, Heat Pump)
• Clean or change furnace filters once/month during the heating season.

• Check furnace ducts for disconnects or leaks. Also check airflow at registers when the fan is on. Take register covers off to see if boots are disconnected. Do NOT use duct tape to fix, it has been shown to be unreliable. Contact your furnace contractor for advice.

• Make sure HVAC ductwork is also well insulated, especially in unheated spaces.

• Operate the thermostat in "auto" mode to maximize heat pump performance.

• For heat pumps, clean or change air filters once a month in the heating and cooling season. Keep the indoor and outdoor coils clean and free from ice. If the outside coil is icing up, the defrost cycle probably needs to be adjusted. Your heating and cooling contractor has special tools to clean the coil fins and should clean both inside and outside of fins. Dirty filters and coils reduce airflow and decrease system performance and can cause premature equipment failures.

• Schedule your HVAC contractor for once or twice year tune-ups. He should clean coils, check and correct the refrigerant charge, clean and lubricate the fan motor, check for proper airflow, adjust the pulley settings and fan belts and do other routine checks to insure proper performance.

• Make sure all hot water piping and tanks are well insulated, even inside the heated space. This can be a major source of heat loss and an inexpensive fix.

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