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Really Fine Web Design

Really Fine Web Design Inc.
Custom Website Designs, Graphics,
Flash Animation

Bethlehem, PA.
Phone: 484.767.8464

Website: www.really-fine.com

Managed Hosting
More Than Just Servers: Excellent Service
744 Roble Rd. Allentown, PA.
Toll Free: 888-664-6388


Internet Provider and Hosting Information

  • Domain name is the "address" or URL of a particular Web site on the internet (Ex. www.google.com). This text name corresponds to the IP address of a computer that is connected to the Internet. The prefix of the domain name can have different ending extensions. The extensions are not just (.com). Your domain name can end with (.net) (.org) (.biz) (.info) (.mobi) (.name) (.pro) (.tel) or (.us)

  • Hosting is simply picking a "company" that will rent you space on their computer servers for your web page files. The "company servers" are connected to the internet and your web pages become visible on the internet after your files are moved to their server.

  • ISP or Internet Service Provideris a company that provides access to the Internet. For a monthly fee, the service provider gives you a software package, username, password and access phone number. Equipped with a modem, you can then log on to the Internet and browse the World Wide Web and USENET, and send and receive e-mail. In addition to serving individuals, ISPs also serve large companies, providing a direct connection from the company's networks to the Internet. ISPs themselves are connected to one another through Network Access Points (NAPs).

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