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Rubber Stamp Tips

Avoid Sun! - Sunlight will degrade and harden your rubber stamps. Stamps should be stored cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

How to Clean Permanent Ink Off Stamps - While dye inks can be cleaned off your stamps with water, cleaning of permanent inks from your stamps requires the use of cleaning solvents made especially for that purpose. YouŽll find stamp cleaning fluids at most every supplier.

Store your Ink Pads Upside Down - Store your ink pads upside-down, and youŽll find that they are always moist and ready to work! Take care to store them flat, though, or you may find your ink has pooled to one side of the pad.

Good Basic Design Rules:
1. Use co-ordinated colors and try not to use any more than 3 colors on a card.
2. Layer or mat to give your card that professional look.
3. Make sure that you are careful when cutting layers - straight edges and exact corners are a "must" for a good looking card.
4. Don`t "overdo" a card. Stop layering and coloring before it looks like "too much." Remember, sometimes less is more.

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