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Hanover Township
Garbage and Recycling Collection
On Tuesday, everything WEST of Jacksonville Road ( including Jacksonville Road ) and NORTH of Hanoverville Road ( including Hanoverville Road & Township Line Road - North and South of Hanoverville Road ) will be collected.

On Thursday, everything EAST of Jacksonville Road and South of Hanoverville Road will be picked up.

Hanover Township, Northampton County publishes a yearly Garbage and Recycling Collection Schedule for local residents.

Recycling Items
Cans: Aluminum beverage cans, empty aerosol cans, steel and tin food cans. Please rinse can and remove the lid or push it into the can. No need to remove labels. No Foil or Food trays.

Glass: Food and beverage containers such as jars and bottles only! Clear, green or brown glass. Remove lids and rinse. Leave labels on. No light bulbs, mirrors, window glass, etc. Cans and glass may be mixed together in the same recycling container.

Plastics #1 thru #7: Example: Soda bottles, water bottles, milk jugs, and detergent bottles. The number is on the bottom of the bottle. NO Styrofoam or plastic grocery bags. Cans, glass, plastics and ploy-coated containers are to be placed inside your bin.

Poly-coated Containers: Milk and Drink boxes.

Paper: Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, office paper, mixed office paper, junk mail and phone books may be put into a brown paper grocery bag or bundled using twine or string; no tape, nylon, rope or cloth.

Cardboard: Must be cut into 3 ft. by 5 ft. pieces and bundled using twine or string; no tape, nylon, rope or cloth.

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