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Cottman Transmission Center of Emmaus
    950 Chestnut Street, Emmaus, PA 18049
    (610) 967-6692   • (610) 966-2327
    Trust your car to the transmission physician
    Your transmission specialist since 1962

Lee Myles Transmissions
    T/a Lee Myles Transmissions
    2115 Union Blvd., Allentown, PA 18109
    William Chechel, Owner
    The oldest specialty transmission repair
    business in the Nation

Automatic Transmissions

     Your car or truck's automatic transmission is an important gearbox in your vehicle that changes the gear ratios automatically as your car or truck moves. This great automobile innovation frees us from having to shift gears manually. The torque converter is a type of fluid coupling that hydraulically connects the engine and the transmission. The torque converter takes the place of a mechanical clutch and allows the car's engine to remain running while standing still without stalling. The power generated from the engine to the drive wheels is passed through a series of gear sets and friction devices commonly called clutches and bands. Electrical and hydraulic signals sent to the valve body cause the transmission to shift. To avoid transmission problems and a costly repair bill for a rebuilt or replacement transmission, take good care of your engine. Make sure all of the fluid, coolant and oil levels are properly filled. Get that regular tune up for your car or truck.

Automatic Transmissions Maintenance Reminders
• Check transmission fluid regularly. Fluid Leaks are the main cause of transmission failure.
• Check your transmission fluid after your car has been running hot. Excess transmission heat can build up and cause fluid loss or even damage your engine. So be sure to check your transmission fluid levels after a lot of stop and go traffic, during a hot weather spell, or if you have done some heavy towing.
• Periodically check your transmission linkage and other transmission adjustments.
• Keep your engine properly tuned and check your drive train components.
• Make sure your mechanic checks your drive shafts, universal joints, drive axles, engine flywheels, computer system and sensors, radiator and cooling lines to the transmission, and your engine and transmission mountings, clutch, powertrain, overdrive, and timing belt.
• Check your vehicle's cooling system especially the coolant level and strength.

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