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East Penn Veterinary Assoc Inc.
Complete Veterinary Services for Small Animals & Exotic Pets
Flea Products • Pet Foods & Prescription Diets
Bathing • Boarding • Emergency Services
    1020 Chestnut St. Emmaus, PA.
        (610) 967-2156

North Saucon Animal Hospital
Complete Medical & Surgical Facility
Evening & Saturday Appointments Available
    3604 Route 378,Bethlehem, PA.
        (610) 867-0800

Allentown Clinic For Cats
Practice Limited To Cats
Hours by Appointment
    4090 W. Tilghman St., Allentown, PA.
        (610) 398-3556

Veterinary Tips

Many pets are above their ideal weight and the majority of research shows that being overweight can shorten the lives of your precious pets.

The causes of weight gain can be overfeeding, feeding too many table scraps and treats, lack of exercise, and age (older, less active pets are prone to weight gain).

Weight loss will improve your pet's appearance and health as well as his enjoyment and length of life:

• Feed a low-calorie high-fiber food formulated for weight reduction.
• Divide the total amount of food to be fed each day into 3 or 4 smaller meals.
• Exercise your pet regularly if recommended by your veterinarian.

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