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Computer Wallpaper or desktop picture refer to an image used as a background on a computer screen, usually for the desktop of a graphical user interface. Wallpaper is the term used in Microsoft Windows, while the Mac OS calls it a desktop picture. Prior to Mac OS X, the term desktop pattern was used to refer to a small pattern that was repeated to fill the screen.

    Images used as computer wallpaper or screensavers are usually raster graphics with the same size as the display resolution (for example 1024768 pixels, or 12801024 pixels) in order to fill the whole background.

    PNG and JPEG image formats are common for wallpaper. Some desktop systems, such as Mac OS , KDE , and GNOME, support vector wallpapers. This has the advantage that a single file may be used for screens of any size, or stretched across several screens, without loss of quality. Most display systems are capable of specifying a single color to use as the background in place of a wallpaper.

    Screensavers and wallpaper are available in every theme imaginable. Holiday screensavers for Christmas, Easter and Halloween are very popular. Screensavers on landscapes, animals, nature, weather, travel and underwater wallpaper are also popular. For you star struck fans there is screensavers of American Idol contestants plus Hollywood and movie star celebrity wallpaper as well. The screensaver themes for free download are available for Windows Vista and Mac computers and Laptops.

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