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   Since 1997 Really Fine Web Design Inc. has been helping businesses throughout the country harness the power of the INTERNET in selling their products or services. Let us increase your customer base on the biggest and fastest growing advertising and information medium in the world.

The Really Fine Web Design Inc. 5 step process in developing the best web site for your business consists of the following approach ......
1. Define the Goal or Purpose of your website. Any really good site on the Internet has a well defined goal or purpose. Define your objectives, write them down and always, always, always keep them in mind when you proceed with your design.

2. Create an Outline or Layout of your website. In the beginning you usually have a collection of ideas, and disjointed information. You need to create an outline of this material so that you can pull this information together and have your design take shape.

3. It's time to Build your Theme. Take the main categories of your website from the layout or outline phase in step 2 and build in all the important material for that category. These main categories will be your global navigation links throughout your website. The information in each category should be relevant to that category.

4. You will need Graphic Tools and Media to complement the text content of your design. Tools such as CorelDraw, Paintshop, Adobe PhotoShop are excellent products and a "must have" for creating art work and dramatic visual effects.

5. The final step is the Aesthetic Presentation and unveiling of your site. The merging of the text and graphics in you design will be extremely important in the final look and appeal. Remember you may have the best "content" information around but an unappealing "presentation" will turn a viewer off and send him or her off to green pastures on the internet.

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Website / Hosting Information     A website is a collection of related pages, images, and videos that are addressed by a specific domain name or IP address in an Internet Protocol-based network. A web site is hosted on a server, accessible via the Internet or on a private local area network.

Top 3 Website Components: Domain - Hosting - Web Page Design
  • Domain name is the "address" or URL of a particular Web site on the internet (Ex. www.really-fine.com). This text name corresponds to the IP address of a computer that is connected to the Internet. The prefix of the domain name can have different ending extensions. The extensions are not just (.com). Your domain name can end with (.net) (.org) (.biz) (.info) (.mobi) (.name) (.pro) (.tel) or (.us)

  • Hosting is simply picking a "company" that will rent you space on their computer servers for your web page files. The "company servers" are connected to the internet and your web pages become visible on the internet after your files are moved to their server.

  • Website Design is taking a theme for your website, creating a layout or design and creating one or more web page files that make up your own individual website.

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